Elbert County Republican Woman

Elbert County Republican Women

As part of the Colorado and National Federation of Republican Women, the purposes of the Elbert County Republican Women (ECRW)  are:

A. To increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government

B. To disseminate information received from the national and state organizations to all members

C. To inform the public through political education and activity

D. To foster loyalty to the Republican Party at all levels of government

E. To promote the principles of the Republican Party

F. To work for Republican candidates in all elections, including nonpartisan elections

G. To support the objectives and policies of the Republican National Committee

Members in good standing are those whose current dues are paid and who support the purposes of this organization. 

For more information on meeting dates and times or to join contact Mary Frangis, ECRW Chairwoman, at: mafrangis@gmail.com

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