2018-Primary Voting Guide

Elbert County Republican Voter Guide


Your Guide to the 2018 Primary Election

Primary candidate information, ballot drop-off locations, and more!

Important Election Dates

Primary Election - Tuesday, June 26, 2018.

Keep track of important election dates for both the primary and general election.  Click here for a list of important dates.

How to Return Your Ballot   

  1. If you return your ballot through the USPS, you must affix one first class stamp to return your envelope.  The ballot must be received by June 26.  

  2. Samuel Elbert Building (24 hour drop off location – in the drive through lane); 440 Comanche Street, Kiowa, CO 80117

  3. Town of Elizabeth (Town Hall) 151 Banner Street, Elizabeth, CO 80107  (24 hour drop off location)

  4. Samuel Elbert Building – Walk in:  Monday through Friday (June 18 – June 25) 8:00am – 5:00pm; Saturday (June 23) 8:00am – 12:00 noon; Tuesday (June 26) Election Day 7:00am – 7:00pm. 

Visit www.govotecolorado.com or call 303-621-1327 to confirm that your ballot has been received.  The County Clerk’s Office must receive your ballot by 7:00pm on Election Day.  Postmarks do not count.


The last day to drop off your mail-in ballot or vote in person is June 26th at 7pm!  Also, the last day to register to vote and be sent a ballot is June 18.  Register to vote here.

More Helpful Information

You can find more information on dates, ballot content, the open primary and voter registration at the Elbert County Clerk & Recorder's Website.  Click here.

Contact Elbert County Republican Chairman, Tom Peterson, at tmpeterson18@gmail.com if you have questions or concerns about your mail-in ballot.

Republican Elbert County Candidates


Richard (Rick) Pettitt

County Commissioner District 2


303-621-2548, Rick Pettitt Bio , Facebook

Anthony Hartsook

County Commissioner District  


410-271-8858, Tony Hartsook Bio, Facebook


Susan_Murphy.jpg Laura_Forbes.png

Susan Murphy, Assessor



Susan Murphy Candidate Letter 

Laura Forbes, Assessor


303-947-8491, Fax: 303-646-3217,

Laura Forbes Candidate Letter


Troy McCoy, Sheriff



Troy McCoy Flyer, Troy McCoy Flyer

Timothy Norton, Sheriff


602-722-5039,  Facebook 

Dallas Schroeder, Clerk & Recorder

DALNREB@YAHOO.COM, 720-341-4848


Sheryl (Sherry) Hewlett, Treasurer



Sheryl Hewlett Candidate Letter

Sandra (Sandy) Graeff, Coroner

MBSSBS1@MSN.COM, 303-646-4127,  

Fax: 303-646-0446

Keith Westfall, Surveyor  


303-243-0038,  Fax: 303-621-7749

Republican Governor Primary Candidates

Walker Stapleton, Governor,  Website         Greg Lopez, Governor,  Website
Victor Mitchell, Governor, Website  Doug Robinson, Governor, Website

Republican State Treasurer Primary Candidates

Screen_Shot_2017-09-12_at_8.30.12_PM.png Polly_Lawrence.png
Justin Everett - Website    Polly Lawrence - Website Brian Watson - Website

       Republican Attorney General Candidates  


George Brauchler - Website  

Republican Secretary of State Candidates

 Wayne Williams - Website

Republican Congressional Candidates

U.S Representative, Ken Buck, CD 4


Republican CU Regent At-Large Candidates

Ken Montera - Website

Republican Senate District 1 Candidates

Jerry Sonnenberg - Website

Republican House District 64 Candidates


Kimmi Lewis - Website 


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