2020 Judge Recommendations

2020 Judge Recommendations 

These recommendations were given to us by a conservative source based on "Could we do better".  This is the criteria we have to use with the past and current Democratic Governors who appoint these judges (more reason we need a Republican Governor in 2022!)

Below are the recommendations on whether to retain.  

No = Vote No - do not retain.
Yes = Vote yes to retain.

Supreme Court

  • Honorable Melissa Hart - NO

  • Honorable Carlos A. Samour, Jr. - YES

Court of Appeals

  • Honorable Ted C. Tow, III - YES

  • Honorable Craig R. Welling - NO

Elbert County District Judges

  • Honorable Michelle Ann Amico - YES

  • Honorable Andrew Baum - NO

  • Honorable Cynthia Dianne Mares - NO

  • Honorable John E. Scipione - YES

  • Honorable Theresa Michelle Slade - YES

  • Honorable Darren L. Vahle - YES

  • Honorable Elizabeth BeeBe Volz - YES

Watch this video to learn why to vote NO on retaining Judge Welling.

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