A Word from the Chairman, April 25, 2020

 A Word from The Chairman:  

The Colorado Republican Party held a very successful State Assembly on Saturday, April 18.  Hats off to Chairman Ken Buck and team for a very well run and productive event.  Elbert County had 42 delegates to the event that was held as a virtual meeting with a secured text format for voting.  The technology was handled without a glitch and the business of the party (which included voting on our US Senate candidate, national committee persons, delegates to the national convention, resolutions, etc.) was handled in a very efficient 90 minutes. 

Furthermore, successful higher assembly meetings were conducted for House District 64 (Richard Holtorf was the nominated candidate); Congressional District 4 (Ken Buck was the nominated candidate) and Judicial District 18 (John Kellner was the nominated candidate). 

The Trump Victory Team is working closely with the Colorado Republican Party and voter outreach efforts are underway.  We have postponed our Lincoln Day Dinner planned for May 9, but hope to have an alternative event later in the year.  We hope you can join us for a Virtual Town Hall Meeting with US Senator Cory Gardner planned for Monday, April 27 (more info below). 

As always, thank you for your support of our efforts to promote our conservative values of less government and more freedom in Elbert County!


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Tom Peterson


Elbert County Republicans

Tmpeterson18@gmail.com; (303) 229-6710

A Word from the Chairman - April 2, 2020

A Word From the Chairman   

We reached a significant milestone in the 2020 Election with a successful County Assembly (albeit virtual meeting) on Saturday, March 28.  141 of the eligible 146 delegates were credentialed for the event, truly an incredible level of commitment and support.  We were able to work through all of the business items and congratulations to our commissioner candidates Chris Richardson and Grant Thayer for being elected to the primary ballot.   Due to the limitations and continued health concerns of the COVID-19, we will not be having our April 8, Central Committee meeting.  As an alternative, we will be partnering with the Trump 2020 Colorado Campaign to conduct a Trump 2020 Virtual Volunteer Training at 6pm, Wednesday, April 8, and we encourage you to register and participate.  More information on the training is provided below.

Secondly, I would encourage each of you to lift up our President and his team in your prayers.  He is working extremely hard on behalf of all Americans and has the weight of the country on his shoulders and his antagonists are not giving him any slack.  Provided below is information on a Daily Prayer Briefing (Link) and The Presidential Prayer Team.

Stay healthy and we will be in touch soon.

Tom Peterson

ECR Chairman

(303) 229-6710   

A Word from the Chairman -January 29, 2020

A Word from the Chairman 

The sanctity of life is a key plank of the Republican Party Platform and we have a HUGE Champion in President Trump.  Not only does he consistently reinforce his pro-life position but his public support for faith based initiatives has been tremendous! 

On Friday, January 24, he welcomed several hundred thousand to Washington D.C. including my daughter Claire and a group of students and teachers from her high school.  He became the first sitting President to speak at the Annual March for Life Rally in the forty seven years of the event.   Like the sign says, “A Person’s A Person no Matter How Small”  and we Republicans are winning the argument with the younger generations on this one (just ask CNN).   The Republican platform has stayed a consistent “pro-life” while the Democratic position has transitioned from “safe, legal and rare” to a radical “shout your abortion” presumably at any time without any restrictions. 

I Vote Pro-Life First and its just one of a zillion reasons why I support our Republican candidates including President Trump.

Link here to the Republican National Committee Platform  


Elbert County Republicans


(303) 229-6710


A Word from the Chairman, January 16, 2020

 A Word from the Chairman:

The 2020 Election is upon us and we are gearing up in support of our Republican candidates including President Trump and US Senator Cory Gardner, the Republican Party, and the principles that drive us to be involved and volunteer.  The first part of the year will be focused on planning and conducting Precinct Caucus (March 7) and County Assembly (March 28).  Our goal is to maximize attendance at Caucus and have a spirited Assembly.  Precinct Caucus locations are set and can be viewed from our website www.elbertcountyrepublicans.com under the "Upcoming Events" tab. 

We hope you will join us and that together, we will do all that we can in support of our Republican candidates  - More Freedom, Less Government!

Tom Peterson


Elbert County Republicans


(303) 229-6710


A Word from the Chairman - November 16, 2018

 A Word from The Chairman:    

The 2018 Election is behind us and one to shake your head at.  Here in Elbert County, it was just another day at the office.  Elbert Republicans had a Top Ten voter turnout of 78%+.  Each contested race went on average 75%+ Republican, including the highly contested Sheriff race (74.3% - 25.7%).  A majority of the Unaffiliated voted Republican and Elbert County moved up to the 5th highest Republican plus vote county by providing between 7,200 and 7,800 plus votes for our statewide candidates.  We are now at the end of the big boy table following only the Republican stronghold counties of El Paso, Douglas, Mesa, and Weld.  We over-performed in both voter turnout (78% as compared to 73% in 2014), plus votes (7,200 – 7,800 as compared to around 6,500 in 2014), and maintained our 45%+ advantage in returned ballots over the Democrats (57.5% to 12.1%, with U/O at 30.4%).  All in all, a great night for Republicans in Elbert County as attested by the standing-room-only Tim Norton for Sheriff/Elbert County Republican Victory Party at the American Legion Post #82 Building in Elizabeth.    

What happened and what went wrong statewide is a bigger issue and, for the most part, outside of our control and sphere of influence.  We are so disappointed to see the defeat of our slate of statewide candidates, including our top vote-getter and Elbert County favorite Attorney General Candidate, George Brauchler.   The strategists and pundits are filled with wisdom on what needs to be done and where we go forward from here.  I have a couple of reflections of my own.

  • The consistency in the results from office to office indicate that most people voted straight party ticket.  We saw that again this year in Elbert County, but it was much more apparent at the state level this go around.  Unfortunately for Republicans statewide, the vote leaned hard the other way.
  • The Elbert County Elections Department did a FANTASTIC job.  They processed a mid-term election record 14,992 ballots including 4,000+ on election day.  The team of judges (both Republican and Democrat) were hard working, professional, and efficient.  The equipment and software worked without error and the Samuel Elbert Building provided a professional facility for all of the work.  Hats off to Elbert County Clerk and Recorder Dallas Schroeder, Elections Manager Rhonda Braun and the entire team for a job well done.   
  • The Republican brand of limited, Constitutional government is overwhelmingly supported by the residents of Elbert County.  We love our country, we support our military, we value our freedom and we are leery of ever-growing government and all that goes with it (taxes, regulations, wasteful spending) and oppose the infringement of our right of speech, to bear arms, private property and religion.      

I thank all who were part of our Republican effort.  We have a great team of freedom fighters!  Here is a link to the Elbert County Election Results.  The Elbert County Republican Central Committee is poised to move forward in 2019 in support of our values and to expand our brand.   I would love to hear from you on what your thoughts are moving forward.  Better yet, I invite you to become a member of the Chairman’s Club and join us in our efforts.  Our Christmas Party is coming up on Saturday, December 15 and I will be all ears!!  (Chairman’s Club RSVP)

Tom Peterson

Chairman – Elbert County Republicans

tmpeterson18@gmail.com   (303) 229-6710

A Word from the Chairman, September 5, 2018

 A Word from the Chairman: 

The 2018 General Election is in full swing and September is a BIG month.  We are hitting the ground running and hopefully we will see many of you at the Conservative Breakfast Association Annual Fund-Raising Dinner planned for this Saturday – September 8.  Proceeds go towards the scholarship fund.  Tickets still available.  Our Republican “Meet the Candidate Forum & BBQ” is planned for Sunday, September 23, at the Casey Jones Pavilion.  This is a perfect venue to get to know your Republican candidates – all are welcome – come with an appetite! 

WE NEED YOUR HELP!!  If you support the election of freedom loving, limited government advocates, we can use your help to get Republicans elected!  Of immediate need – locations to place the big 4’x 8’ signs.  Finally, we regularly get asked about the various Facebook sites involving Elbert County. Some we are not to familiar with, but others we know all too well.  Here is a link to information on who is behind the Elbert County Citizens site.  Social media is a wonderful tool, but one that can be misused and/or be misrepresented.

I’d love to hear from you, or better yet, I’d love to see you at one of the upcoming events. 


Tom Peterson

Chairman, Elbert County Republicans

(303) 229-6710; tmpeterson18@gmail.com 

A Word From the Chairman

Party Does Matter!!  

The local Democrats are working real hard to hide the fact that they are Democrats and to shield the D label from their candidates.  They have helped create a brand that no one wants to be a part of or stand behind, at least publicly.  There are fewer registered Democrats in Elbert County today than there were in 2008!  The percentage of D’s in the county has dwindled from 16% to 12% during that time and it continues to drop.  Unfortunately, for the Democrat candidates, they cannot run from the Party Platform.  The foundation to a candidate's position on all of the key issues can be found in the Party Platform.  Colorado Democrats have approved the 2018 Colorado Democratic Party Platform.  The Platform spells out where they stand on a wide range of public policy issues.   The document wasn’t developed in a vacuum in Boulder or Denver, but had input from Democrats from across the state and was approved at the State Central Committee Meeting hosted in Elizabeth (yes, our Elizabeth) at EHS on July 14.    The document clearly identifies where they stand on a host of issues including taxes, the 2nd Amendment, socialized medicine, abortion, energy, etc.  Attached is a link to a short summary of key provisions.   

Before voters buy into the false argument that Party doesn’t matter and just vote for the most “experienced” candidate, check out the Colorado Democratic Party Platform.  After reading it, you tell me, for example, if you want a Democrat Sheriff who supports the Democrat Platform and the erosion of our 2ndAmendment rights; open borders, and the Constitution being a “living breathing document” as well as other widely held Democrat positions of eliminating ICE, pro-sanctuary cities, pro-marijuana, etc. 

Party DOES Matter.  If you are a Democrat, be a proud one and tell us why you voted for Hillary and why you are active in the anti-Trump Indivisibles.  I’m a proud Republican.  I support the President, the Republican Platform and our Republican candidates including Sheriff candidate Tim Norton.    

Tom Peterson


Elbert County Republicans

(303) 229-6710; tmpeterson18@gmail.com 

A Word from the Chairman

Election_2018.jpg A Word from the Chairman:

     2018 has all the early indications of being an exciting election year. Control of the US Senate at the national level is a key issue, a crowded governor’s race, and several competitive local elections here in Elbert County. I am impressed by the quality of our Republican candidates. We have posted information on each of them on the ECR website, this includes our first announced candidate for county commissioner District 2. The key qualities that I’m looking for in any candidate are their experience, education, demonstrated commitment to Republican values, understanding of key issues, and plan if elected. You can meet each of the Republican candidates running for Elbert County office at the Elbert County Republican Women sponsored Meet the Republican Candidate Forum planned for 7:00pm, Thursday, March 15, at Legacy Academy. Shown below are important dates of the 2018 election and opportunities for you to get connected and involved. Hopefully, we will see you along the way as we volunteer and work together to advance the principles of limited, efficient, constitutional government.

Tom Peterson
Chairman, Elbert County Republicans
tmpeterson18@gmail.com; (303) 229-6710

Elbert County Republican - 2018 Election


Precinct Caucus – Tuesday, March 6; 6:30pm – Check in; 7:00pm – meeting start time.

Locations: Precincts 1 – 5: Running Creek Elementary School
Precincts 6 – 10: Singing Hills Elementary School
Precinct 11: Mercantile Building – Elbert
Precinct 12: Rattlesnake Fire District – Sun Country
Precinct 13, 14: Kiowa School – Kiowa
Precinct 15: Simla Police Department Community Room
Check the Secretary of State website: www.govotecolorado.com to verify your precinct. Or contact ECR Secretary, Carol Hinds, at carol.hinds70@icloud.com



Republican Candidate Meet & Greet – Thursday, March 15

6:30pm – Refreshments; 7:00pm – Meeting Start Time; Legacy Academy: Just west of Walmart – Elizabeth; Sponsored by the Elbert County Republican Women. www.elbertcountyrepublicanwomen.com


County Assembly – Saturday, March 24

10:30am Registration and Check in; 12:00noon Start; Elbert County Fairgrounds – Kiowa


Colorado State Assembly - Saturday, April 14

12:00noon; Boulder Event Center


Lincoln Day Dinner – Saturday, May 5

Elbert County Fairgrounds – Kiowa; 5:00pm Social Hour and Silent Auction; 6:00pm – Dinner and Program; Tickets available online at www.elbertcountyrepublicans.com.

Primary Election – June 26
General Election – November 6

Letter from the Chair - December 30, 2017

A Word from the Chairman - 2017 Highlights from the Elbert County Republicans

As 2017 comes to a close, we reflect on the year. Voter registration in the county eclipsed the 20,000 person mark and approximately 200 new Republicans were added to the county list of registered Republicans. We are approaching the 11,000 registered Republican mark and maintain a 54% plus share of registered voters in the county for the 10th straight year. This was done at the same time the Democrats added less than 20 and have dwindled to an all-time low of just above 12%. We had a very active year and Vice Chairman Bob Lewis has summarized the 2017 Highlights of the Elbert County Republicans. At the national level, the GOP Party Platform is rock solid and the Accomplishments of President Trump are many and highlighted by his appointment of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. The RNC had a record fundraising year and is positioned to make gains to the Republican US Senate majority in 2018. The State GOP under the direction of Chairman Jeff Hays have assembled a great team to support the election of a Republican governor, attorney general, secretary of state, and treasurer. The goal is to maintain a Republican majority in the Colorado Senate and gain ground in the Colorado House. Locally, our county commissioner team of Chris Richardson, Danny Willcox, and Grant Thayer hit the ground running in January and by end of year have doubled the financial reserves of the county, while at the same time increasing services to county residents. The new Samuel Elbert Administration Building opened in October for improved customer service and the county staff has been solidified to implement a number of key initiatives in 2018. I thank all of the many volunteers and supporters who work tirelessly in support of our principles of limited, efficient, constitutional government, freedom, and individual responsibility. A special thanks to the ECR Executive Committee consisting of Vice Chairman Bob Lewis; Secretary Carol Hinds; Treasurer Josiah Matthews; and District Captains Dan Guthrie, Denise Reeves, and Doug Bankert.

Wishing all of you a wonderful and prosperous 2018. I look forward to working with many of you in the coming year as we strive to promote our principles and get Republicans elected.

In God We Trust!!


Tom Peterson, Chairman
Elbert County Republicans
Tmpeterson18@gmail.com (303) 229-6710

Letter from the Chair, October 23, 2017

October 23, 2017

Dear Fellow Republicans,                              

Registered voters in Elbert County have received ballots for the 2017 election.  There are a number of local school board elections.  Shown below are recommendations on the Republican candidates in each one.    

Party affiliation provides the clearest indication of a candidate’s values on fiscal accountability and the role of government.  Republican’s uphold the constitutional government that has made America the beacon of liberty and opportunity for mankind.  School choice, empowered parents, and respected teachers are critical, and values supported by Republicans.  Party affiliation helps us understand the approach to governing that the candidates will have if elected. 

Republicans oppose a Federal government imposed one-size-fits-all approach to education and support a broad range of choices for parents and children at the state and local level.  Republicans reject the imposition of national standards and assessments, encourage the parents and educators who are implementing alternatives to Common Core. 

School boards in our state, unfortunately, don’t list partisan affiliations for the candidates. It lets liberals and teacher unions win by stealth.  Here are the Republican (pro-freedom, pro-school choice, pro-3Rs, pro-America) contenders in our Elbert County communities.


Douglas County Schools (NW)

  • Ryan Abresch
  • Randy Mills
  • Grant Nelson
  • Debora Scheffel

Elizabeth Schools

  • Carol Hinds
  • Cary Karcher
  • Paul Benkendorf

Big Sandy Schools (Simla area)

  • Chad Maranville

Agate Schools

  • Jennifer Bracht
  • Doug Purdy

Limon Schools

  • Craig Bailey
  • J. Troy Jaklich
  • James Gillis
  • Theron Perry

Peyton Schools

  • Jim Eckelberry
  • Julie Mannering


Democrats and the media, with their “progressive” preference for government by expertise, elitism, and emotionalism, find parties inconvenient for all the same reasons that conservatives find them valuable.  
The left prefers the murky shadows of nonpartisanship to the sharp clarity of R versus D, brakes versus accelerator.  Don’t be fooled. They want you off guard for easier access to your wallet.

Mark your ballot thoughtfully and return it early and so it is returned NO LATER THAN NOVEMBER 7. 


Tom Peterson

Chairman, Elbert County Republicans

tmpeterson18@gmail.com  (303) 229-6710

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