Letter From The Chair - June 20, 2017

One of the initiatives being implemented by new Colorado Republican State Party Chairman Jeff Hays is to connect personally with each County Party Chairman each month.  Jeff spent 30 minutes on the phone with me on Friday, June 16, and listened to what we are doing in Elbert County and offered suggestions.  He also shared some exciting new developments.  Jeff was one of 9 state party chairman (all from swing states) who met with the President earlier this month in Washington DC.  The relationship between the White House and the Republican National Committee is excellent and the RNC had a record quarter in fundraising.  Plans are being put into place for the RNC to work with the state parties to implement winning strategies to get Republicans elected.  Jeff was with us at our ECR Lincoln Day Dinner on May 6 and is committed to working with the county parties especially on voter registration and communication.  Suggestions, comments or to get connected visit www.cologop.org or on Facebook at Colorado GOP. 
Tom Peterson
Chairman, Elbert County Republicans

Elbert County Loves President Trump! June 15, 2017

A Word from the Chairman, June 15, 2017.  

Elbert County Loves President Trump!!  We had a great time at the Elizabash Parade & Street Fair on Saturday, June 3.  We thank the Elizabeth Chamber of Commerce for putting on such a wonderful event.  The response to our presence in the parade and at the booth along Main Street was tremendous.  The big Trump–Pence 4’x 8’ sign was visible at the exhibit booth and we had dozens of supporters come up and thank us for being present and offer words of encouragement and pledges of support for us and especially President Trump and his agenda to Make America Great Again!  

Supporters were generous in their donations and if we heard it once we heard it literally a hundred times – “I can’t stand to watch the Fake News mainstream media.”   Keep the faith, Elbert County Republicans, and continue to show your support for our President who is doing his best to Drain the Swamp of big government!  


Tom Peterson

Chairman, Elbert County Republicans



So, last night (February 17), I stayed up well past my bedtime and watched the President’s News Conference from earlier in the day.  It was fascinating.  President Trump started by describing all that he is doing to fulfill his campaign promises and implement his agenda.  He then opened it up to an extended unscripted Q/A with all his friends from the mainstream media (MSM).  He did a great job.  His focus on jobs, the economy, national security, building relationships with industry and other nations was impressive.  

Two takeaways:  The first was when he said, “I don’t have a problem with bad media, just so it is truthful.”  The second, “I’m amazed at the level of hate and hate filled attitude from those on the other side.”   The room was packed with reporters and it could have gone on for hours as virtually every one had a question.  Afterwords, I thought for sure there would be some positive coverage from what I considered an extraordinary exchange in which he was candid, forthright and compelling.  But, not the MSM.  Just like it was when he came to Denver last June, the coverage was all negative.  

Whether it be ABC, CNN, or whomever.  It’s clear that the other side, led by the MSM, not only oppose what he is doing, but have an all-out hate-filled approach to distort, degrade, and detract. In their eyes, he can’t do anything right and they are out to get him.  I’m glad he is speaking directly to the people and I for one need to take my red Make America Great Again hat off the dresser and put it back on and actively support our President who is doing exactly what he said he would do.  Think of the reaction from the other side and the MSM if just a fraction of the 62 million who voted for the President stood up and said enough is enough with the hate of a great man who is off to a great start.        

Tom Peterson


Chairman, Elbert County Republicans. 

Let me know if you have any comments.  tmpeterson18@gmail.com

Hide the Party to Shield the Principles

Hide the Party to Shield the Principles

Democrats Resort to Deceptive Campaign Tactics to Fool Elbert County Voters 

A common tactic employed by Democrat candidates in Elbert County is an appeal to Republicans. They work real hard to blend into the woodwork and give the impression they are supported by Republicans, that there is common ground and that despite political differences, they are the right person for the job. Really? If party affiliation doesn't matter, then why are they Democrats?? Let’s take a closer look.

Any candidate with a D for Democrat behind their name has bought into the Democrat Party Platform. If they didn’t support the platform, they wouldn’t be a Democrat. Open borders, universal health care, disregard for the constitution, control and restriction of the 1st Amendment (speech) and the 2nd Amendment (guns), protection and expansion of abortion rights, reduced military spending, and so on and so on. If you are a progressive-liberal it’s ALL GOOD! In fact, these local Democrats passed resolutions at their 2016 Assembly that supported these issues and many more that Republicans never would.

If Republicans are passionate for faith, family, and freedom, Democrats are passionate about finding a government solution for every problem known to mankind. Do you really trust the judgement of a county commissioner candidate who waved Obama for President signs at the corner of Highway 86 and County Road 13 in Elizabeth?? How about someone who is voting for Hillary Clinton and thinks she is trustworthy??

If the foundation of your candidacy (political aspiration) is the Democratic Party Platform, then you are out of touch with Elbert County. Maybe that is why Democrats in Elbert County have dwindled to a mere 13% of registered voters. This is hovering dangerously close to the minor party status and at the same time registered Republicans have increased from just over 50% to 55%.

Whether it is the school board, town council, or the board of county commissioners, a primary role of these elected officials is fiduciary or financial oversight. A Democrat would advocate to increase revenue (ie. raise taxes) to meet the funding shortfalls. The goal of a Republican is to cut expenses to stay within budget. The priority of a Democrat is more government and greater control. A Republican would advocate for a limited-constitutional government while empowering the individual through the protection of freedom and liberty. Clearly, two fundamentally different political viewpoints.

We see signs that say “Republicans for” the former chairperson of the Elbert County Democrats. No way! A stretch at best for a few loyal friends, but a campaign gimmick at worst. Reaching for campaign tactics that appear Republican friendly are only to shield the true identity of Democrat candidates that have bought into the progressive-liberal agenda of the Democrat Party.

There are three excellent Republican candidates for county commissioner. Fiscally conservative, consensus builders, with each having a positive vision for Elbert County. I hope you can join us on Thursday, October 6 @ 7pm, for our Republican Candidate Forum at Frontier High School. A forum to help you better understand who they are and their views on addressing the important issues that are impacting us in Elbert County. 


Tom Peterson

Chairman, Elbert County Republicans

Letter From The Chair 4.17.2016

State Assembly

Elbert County, State Assembly, Some of Elbert County Delegates

The Chairman's Blog:

These are interesting times in Colorado politics.  This past week I have heard different viewpoints from concerned party members. I consider these individuals good, rock solid, freedom fighting Republicans.  Some are fed up and angry. Others want to know how the process works and how it can be changed.  I've also heard from others who are unclear on what is going on.  These conversations prompted this posting. On one hand, I'm just another voice in the crowd.  On the other hand, as County Chairman, I can offer a perspective that might be of interest and/or helpful, to Republicans in Elbert County.  Here are a few observations. Please remember as the Republican Party Chair I am here to offer information so you as individuals can make informed decisions. 

*         There are varying perspectives from party members, some make an argument that the current system needs to change which would include a Presidential Primary. While others claim there is corruption and that party officials, the so called establishment, are manipulating results, compromising the voting process, are biased and show favoritism to various candidates.  Kurt Schlegel, an Elbert County Republican, and a Trump for President supporter who attended the State Assembly and elected at the Congressional District 4 Assembly as a Delegate Alternate to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, has provided the attached viewpoint, (Colorado Politics-KCS-04-13-2016).  Kurt provides a supportive argument for the Presidential Primary process.  He also explains the current process and in his opinion, the rules were followed.  Attached are the rules that were approved for the Assembly (2016 State Assembly and Convention Proposed Rules).  Please review the attachments and form you own opinion.

*         Elbert County Republicans had 37 delegates and 20 alternates at the Republican State Assembly in Colorado Springs on Saturday, April 9.  Thirty five or so, approximately 2/3rds, were there for the first time.  This included 18 year old Sierra Hirsch from Precinct 2 - north of Elizabeth.  It was my first Assembly as County Chairman and I was impressed by the efficiency and professionalism of the Credentials Committee and the Teller Committee. There were over 600 nominations for delegates to the National Convention.  The National Delegate nomination and voting process was time consuming and tedious. 

*         An Assembly highlight for many was the nomination and acceptance speech process for US Senate.  There were eight candidates and going in no clear favorite.  Many thought that we might not have a single candidate get the required 30% on the first ballot to be on the June primary.  That is until Daryl Glenn spoke.  He grabbed the microphone and announced that he was a "unashamed constitutional Christian conservative" and walked off 10 minutes later to a standing ovation.  He received over 70% of the vote on the first ballot and his speech has gone viral, see below!!

Darryl Glenn 2016 CO GOP State Convention Speech 

It's anyone's guess what will happen in Cleveland and how the rest of the election process will shake out.   Moving forward, I do believe there will be plenty of discussion and a push to make Colorado a presidential primary state in 2020.  I do hope that a day will come, sooner than later, that we as conservative Republicans can work together to address the concerns that should unite us ....

Why are you a Republican?  I'm concerned with ....

*      the disregard of the US Constitution 
*      the erosion of our freedom
*      fiscal irresponsibility of government
*      the drifting away of an "In God We Trust" country 

Hope to see you at our Lincoln Day Dinner - 6:00pm, Saturday, April 30, 2016. 
Lincoln Day Dinner Link 


Tom Peterson


Elbert County Republican Central Committee

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