Precinct Caucus

Join in the grassroots political process at your local Precinct Caucus.  

Precinct Caucus – Tuesday, March 6

6:30pm – Check in; 7:00pm – meeting start time. 

                        Locations:        Precincts 1 – 5: Running Creek Elementary School

                                                Precincts 6 – 10: Singing Hills Elementary School

                                                Precinct 11:  Mercantile Building - Elbert

                                                Precinct 12:  Rattlesnake Fire District

                                                Precinct 13, 14:  Kiowa Middle School – Kiowa

                                                Precinct 15:  Simla Police Department Community Room

                        Check the Secretary of State website: to verify your precinct or contact ECR Secretary Carol Hinds at [email protected].


Visit to find your precinct location and to pre-register for your Caucus.

March 06, 2018 at 6:30pm - 9pm
Visit to find your Caucus location
Carol Hinds ·
Additional Resources Chairman's Club

Elbert County Republicans