Current Central Committee


Party Officers:

District Captains:

Chairman's Club Coordinator:

Precinct Committee Persons

NOTE:  This list does not reflect the county configuration of 18 precincts.  PCPs for this new structure will be elected on March 1st at Caucus and be ratified by the Delegates to the County Assembly to be held on March 19th.  

Precinct 1:

Precinct 2:

Precinct 3:

Precinct 4:

Precinct 5:

Precinct 6:

Precinct 7:

Precinct 8:

Precinct 9:

Precinct 10:

Precinct 11:

Precinct 12:

Precinct 13:

Precinct 14:

Precinct 15:

Precinct 16:

Precinct 17:

Precinct 18:

County Commissioners:

County Elected Officials:

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