A Word from the Chairman

A Word from the Chairman: 

We are eleven days out from November 3rd and our election efforts are in full swing.  President Trump crushed it in the debate last night.  See the RNC recap below.  We had a tremendous response to the Back the Blue Appreciation Cookout & Trump Train Caravan on Friday, October 16.   The Big Gun (thank you Keith Schofield) made the caravan as one person said, an “epic event.”  Here is a link to the caravan.  A big thank you to Jeff Franken and team from Front Range Kubota for the hamburgers, brats, and dogs; Nickeya McConnell for coordinating the event; and for our special guests including Sheriff Tim Norton, Undersheriff Dave Fisher, and County Commissioners Chris Richardson (candidate District 1) and Grant Thayer (candidate District 3). 

Get Your Ballots in Elbert County Republicans!  As of this morning, approximately 25% of Republican ballots in Elbert County have been processed.  This is in comparison to around 35% for Democrats.  Here is a link to Drop Box Locations, In-Person Voting, Ballot Trax, and Voter RegistrationGuidance on amendments, propositions, and judges is provided on our website.  A handy “Why Vote for Trump?” document is helpful with the few voters out there that are still undecided.  The biggest help we need in these last few days is to support our Get Out The Vote Efforts.  To volunteer, please contact me at [email protected].    

Special Volunteer Request – Help Needed in LaJunta on Saturday & Denver on Sunday  Join me this weekend as we help our Republican friends in two key areas.  A team is headed to Otero County (LaJunta) on Saturday in support of CD3 Congressional Candidate Loeren Boebert and another team is headed to Denver on Sunday in support of our Republican efforts in the belly of the Democrat beast.  Join us on either Saturday or Sunday or both.  For more information, email me at [email protected] or at (303) 229-6710. 

Thanks for the help!

Tom Peterson


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