A Word From the Chairman

A Word from the Chairman: 

There are 4 days until Election Day 2020 and we encourage all Elbert County Republicans to vote and get your ballots turned in.

As of this morning, (Friday, October 30) only 62.4% of Elbert County Republicans have had ballots processed and counted.  Statewide, the ballot return gap between Republicans and Democrats is tightening, but there is still a huge deficit so every Republican vote in Elbert County is needed to offset the Democrat advantage in Denver, Boulder, etc. 

Provided below is information on Drop Box Locations, In-Person Voting, Track Your Ballot, Ballot Pick Up, and guidance on the Amendments/Propositions and Judges.  Please check with any of your neighbors, friends and relatives who might need help to get their ballots turned in.  We have volunteers ready to assist if needed.  A recent poll showed that there are still some voters who are undecided. 

Here is a Trump vs. Biden Comparison Document that compares the two presidential candidates. 

We hope to see you at the Elizabeth Harvest Festival tomorrow (Saturday, October 31) at Casey Jones Park in Elizabeth.  Keith Schofield and The Big Trump Tank will be making a return appearance! 

Thanks for all the help!

Tom Peterson

Chairman, Elbert County Republicans

(303) 229-6710

[email protected]

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