A Word from the Chairman - April 2, 2020

A Word From the Chairman   

We reached a significant milestone in the 2020 Election with a successful County Assembly (albeit virtual meeting) on Saturday, March 28.  141 of the eligible 146 delegates were credentialed for the event, truly an incredible level of commitment and support.  We were able to work through all of the business items and congratulations to our commissioner candidates Chris Richardson and Grant Thayer for being elected to the primary ballot.   Due to the limitations and continued health concerns of the COVID-19, we will not be having our April 8, Central Committee meeting.  As an alternative, we will be partnering with the Trump 2020 Colorado Campaign to conduct a Trump 2020 Virtual Volunteer Training at 6pm, Wednesday, April 8, and we encourage you to register and participate.  More information on the training is provided below.

Secondly, I would encourage each of you to lift up our President and his team in your prayers.  He is working extremely hard on behalf of all Americans and has the weight of the country on his shoulders and his antagonists are not giving him any slack.  Provided below is information on a Daily Prayer Briefing (Link) and The Presidential Prayer Team.

Stay healthy and we will be in touch soon.

Tom Peterson

ECR Chairman

(303) 229-6710   

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