A Word From the Chairman

 A Word from the Chairman

What a week.  Starting with the debacle in Georgia and the loss of two US Senate seats; the Electoral College proceedings with the lack of support of the President and push back against voter fraud; the violence at the US Capitol; the widespread censorship of conservatives by Big Tech on social media; the call by Democrat leaders for another round of impeachment hearings of President Trump, and finally the wrangling within the Republican Party of where we go from here. 

Here is a link to a thoughtful perspective from my colleague Kaye Ferry, Chair, Eagle County Republicans, regarding the violence at the US Capitol.  The lack of Republican support for President Trump during the Electoral College proceedings was so disappointing and we need to find more leaders like Representative Lauren Boebert.  I think it is clear no one wants to go back to the days of Mitt Romney, John McCain and other career politician types who play nice in the swamp.   South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has come the closest to getting it right in an article entitled The Republican Party Has Failed America, And Here’s How It Needs To Change Now.  

   Our collective opponent is the Democrat Party and their radical plans for censorship, socialism, control and defunding the police.  The opposition, however, includes the main stream media, Big Tech, much of higher education, the swamp creatures, etc.  With over 10,000 registered Republicans in Elbert County, we need to identify emerging leaders and get them involved so as to make the biggest impact in opposition of the Democrats and in support of our values of limited, constitutional government.  If you are interested in stepping up and making a difference, let me know as we are having our organizational meeting in February and need a few good men and women to be on the team. 


Tom Peterson


Elbert County Republicans

[email protected] 

(303) 229-6710

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