A Word from the Chairman

 A Word from the Chairman: 

Congratulations to each of the newly elected members of the Elbert County Republican Executive Committee.  We have a strong team with a great balance of new and fresh perspectives and those who have taken a leadership role in a our recent election success.  Elbert County Republicans had a 94%+ voter turnout in November and we provided 10,000 plus votes for our higher assembly candidates like District Attorney John Kellner who received 78% of the Elbert County vote and won the Judicial 18th District election in a very tight race.  We want to build on this momentum and continue to support candidates and elected officials who are committed to our core values and the Make America Great Again agenda!  It’s a busy week with a number of events planned and opportunities for you to get involved and help make a difference. 

As always, if you have any suggestions or comments, I would love to hear from you.


Tom Peterson


Elbert County Republicans

[email protected]

(303) 229-6710

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