A Word from the Chairman - November 25, 2020

 A Word from the Chairman:

A few prominent Republicans are calling for President Trump to give up the fight and concede to Joe Biden.  It is so evident that there was election fraud and we need to put a spotlight on what happened.  Keep the fight, Mr. President, and drain the swamp of the Paul Ryans, the George Ws and the Mitt Romneys who say the election was “fundamentally fair” or support a “smooth transition of power.” 

Here is my perspective on Election Integrity – Understanding the Opportunity for Fraud.  I present the importance of checks and balances, accountability procedures, and transparency measures that we follow in Elbert County and the concerns of these practices not being followed in other areas. Like Rudy Giuliani said, “they are not going to cheat in Republican counties or neutral counties.  The cheating will be in the big urban counties where there isn’t any accountability.”   

So, Joe Biden spent weeks during the campaign in his basement.  Here is an interesting video from Dinesh D’Souza that presents the idea the Democrats focused on the ELECTION while Republicans focused on the CAMPAIGN.  So true, locally the Elbert County Democrats were all but invisible during the campaign.  Yet, they were fully staffed with poll watchers for the duration of the election.   

Tom Peterson

ECR Chairman

[email protected]

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