A Word from the Chairman, September 5, 2018

 A Word from the Chairman: 

The 2018 General Election is in full swing and September is a BIG month.  We are hitting the ground running and hopefully we will see many of you at the Conservative Breakfast Association Annual Fund-Raising Dinner planned for this Saturday – September 8.  Proceeds go towards the scholarship fund.  Tickets still available.  Our Republican “Meet the Candidate Forum & BBQ” is planned for Sunday, September 23, at the Casey Jones Pavilion.  This is a perfect venue to get to know your Republican candidates – all are welcome – come with an appetite! 

WE NEED YOUR HELP!!  If you support the election of freedom loving, limited government advocates, we can use your help to get Republicans elected!  Of immediate need – locations to place the big 4’x 8’ signs.  Finally, we regularly get asked about the various Facebook sites involving Elbert County. Some we are not to familiar with, but others we know all too well.  Here is a link to information on who is behind the Elbert County Citizens site.  Social media is a wonderful tool, but one that can be misused and/or be misrepresented.

I’d love to hear from you, or better yet, I’d love to see you at one of the upcoming events. 


Tom Peterson

Chairman, Elbert County Republicans

(303) 229-6710; [email protected] 

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