A Word from the Chairman - November 16, 2018

 A Word from The Chairman:    

The 2018 Election is behind us and one to shake your head at.  Here in Elbert County, it was just another day at the office.  Elbert Republicans had a Top Ten voter turnout of 78%+.  Each contested race went on average 75%+ Republican, including the highly contested Sheriff race (74.3% - 25.7%).  A majority of the Unaffiliated voted Republican and Elbert County moved up to the 5th highest Republican plus vote county by providing between 7,200 and 7,800 plus votes for our statewide candidates.  We are now at the end of the big boy table following only the Republican stronghold counties of El Paso, Douglas, Mesa, and Weld.  We over-performed in both voter turnout (78% as compared to 73% in 2014), plus votes (7,200 – 7,800 as compared to around 6,500 in 2014), and maintained our 45%+ advantage in returned ballots over the Democrats (57.5% to 12.1%, with U/O at 30.4%).  All in all, a great night for Republicans in Elbert County as attested by the standing-room-only Tim Norton for Sheriff/Elbert County Republican Victory Party at the American Legion Post #82 Building in Elizabeth.    

What happened and what went wrong statewide is a bigger issue and, for the most part, outside of our control and sphere of influence.  We are so disappointed to see the defeat of our slate of statewide candidates, including our top vote-getter and Elbert County favorite Attorney General Candidate, George Brauchler.   The strategists and pundits are filled with wisdom on what needs to be done and where we go forward from here.  I have a couple of reflections of my own.

  • The consistency in the results from office to office indicate that most people voted straight party ticket.  We saw that again this year in Elbert County, but it was much more apparent at the state level this go around.  Unfortunately for Republicans statewide, the vote leaned hard the other way.
  • The Elbert County Elections Department did a FANTASTIC job.  They processed a mid-term election record 14,992 ballots including 4,000+ on election day.  The team of judges (both Republican and Democrat) were hard working, professional, and efficient.  The equipment and software worked without error and the Samuel Elbert Building provided a professional facility for all of the work.  Hats off to Elbert County Clerk and Recorder Dallas Schroeder, Elections Manager Rhonda Braun and the entire team for a job well done.   
  • The Republican brand of limited, Constitutional government is overwhelmingly supported by the residents of Elbert County.  We love our country, we support our military, we value our freedom and we are leery of ever-growing government and all that goes with it (taxes, regulations, wasteful spending) and oppose the infringement of our right of speech, to bear arms, private property and religion.      

I thank all who were part of our Republican effort.  We have a great team of freedom fighters!  Here is a link to the Elbert County Election Results.  The Elbert County Republican Central Committee is poised to move forward in 2019 in support of our values and to expand our brand.   I would love to hear from you on what your thoughts are moving forward.  Better yet, I invite you to become a member of the Chairman’s Club and join us in our efforts.  Our Christmas Party is coming up on Saturday, December 15 and I will be all ears!!  (Chairman’s Club RSVP)

Tom Peterson

Chairman – Elbert County Republicans

[email protected]   (303) 229-6710

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