So, last night (February 17), I stayed up well past my bedtime and watched the President’s News Conference from earlier in the day.  It was fascinating.  President Trump started by describing all that he is doing to fulfill his campaign promises and implement his agenda.  He then opened it up to an extended unscripted Q/A with all his friends from the mainstream media (MSM).  He did a great job.  His focus on jobs, the economy, national security, building relationships with industry and other nations was impressive.  

Two takeaways:  The first was when he said, “I don’t have a problem with bad media, just so it is truthful.”  The second, “I’m amazed at the level of hate and hate filled attitude from those on the other side.”   The room was packed with reporters and it could have gone on for hours as virtually every one had a question.  Afterwords, I thought for sure there would be some positive coverage from what I considered an extraordinary exchange in which he was candid, forthright and compelling.  But, not the MSM.  Just like it was when he came to Denver last June, the coverage was all negative.  

Whether it be ABC, CNN, or whomever.  It’s clear that the other side, led by the MSM, not only oppose what he is doing, but have an all-out hate-filled approach to distort, degrade, and detract. In their eyes, he can’t do anything right and they are out to get him.  I’m glad he is speaking directly to the people and I for one need to take my red Make America Great Again hat off the dresser and put it back on and actively support our President who is doing exactly what he said he would do.  Think of the reaction from the other side and the MSM if just a fraction of the 62 million who voted for the President stood up and said enough is enough with the hate of a great man who is off to a great start.        

Tom Peterson


Chairman, Elbert County Republicans. 

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