A Word from the Chairman

 A Word from the Chairman: 

“I’m MAD as a hornet, but where do we go from here?”  This is a common type statement from many Republicans.  It describes how we feel about an election that was stolen away, where little (or not enough) was done about it, and where Republican officials stood by and didn’t take the allegations of voter fraud seriously and didn’t have President Trump’s back when he needed it.  Part of the frustration is that many feel we are no longer being represented but ruled over.  We need to address the election integrity issue or it will be a problem again in the next election!  It’s clear the opposition now includes the biased main stream media, the censorship of Big Tech, the cancel culture fostered by our education system, and most recently corporate America siding with liberals and boycotting conservative products.   

In terms of where do we go from here?  My suggestion would be to avoid going it alone.  This is a team sport.  Get engaged, stay connected, make your voices heard and let’s hold our elected officials accountable.  Provided below are a number of upcoming events and activities that might be of interest to you.   IMPEACH the DEMOCRATS!  If you are interested in a big roadway sign like this, please reply to [email protected]  The Democrats plea for unity is very disingenuous.  I addressed it locally with a Letter to the Editor of The Ranchland News in response to a recent Rim Top Ramblings by leftist Beth Shelly. 

If you have ideas, suggestions, or feedback, I would sure like to hear from you.

Tom Peterson


Elbert County Republicans

[email protected]   

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