A Word from the Chairman

A Word from the Chairman: 

Ballots for the 2020 General Election are in the mail and should be received within the week.  If you do not receive your ballot or have questions on voting, see the Ballots & Election Info for more information.  The ballots are lengthy, 2 pages (Sample Ballot) and include 11 statewide measures (amendments/propositions) and numerous judges.  We have developed recommendations on Amendments & Propositions and Judges.  There is a ton of momentum and enthusiasm for President Trump and our Republican candidates.  There was a net increase of 270 registered voters in Elbert County in the month of September. 187 of the voters or 69% were Republican, 57 or 21 % were Unaffiliated, and only 14 or 5% were Democrat. There are still some undecided voters out there.  Here is an informative guide to address the issues and address the question  “I can’t believe you would vote for Trump.”  (Link to Response Article)     We continue to have a lot of fun during the campaign except for dealing with having dozens and dozens of signs stolen.  Hope you can join us on Friday for our Back the Blue Appreciation Hamburger Cookout and Trump Train Caravan.

Thanks for all the help!

Elbert County Republican Keith Schofield and his US Army Tank will be the Grand Marshall for our Trump Train Caravan on Friday.  Hope you can make it.   


Tom Peterson

Chairman, ECR

(303) 229-6710

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