Elbert County Loves President Trump! June 15, 2017

A Word from the Chairman, June 15, 2017.  

Elbert County Loves President Trump!!  We had a great time at the Elizabash Parade & Street Fair on Saturday, June 3.  We thank the Elizabeth Chamber of Commerce for putting on such a wonderful event.  The response to our presence in the parade and at the booth along Main Street was tremendous.  The big Trump–Pence 4’x 8’ sign was visible at the exhibit booth and we had dozens of supporters come up and thank us for being present and offer words of encouragement and pledges of support for us and especially President Trump and his agenda to Make America Great Again!  

Supporters were generous in their donations and if we heard it once we heard it literally a hundred times – “I can’t stand to watch the Fake News mainstream media.”   Keep the faith, Elbert County Republicans, and continue to show your support for our President who is doing his best to Drain the Swamp of big government!  


Tom Peterson

Chairman, Elbert County Republicans

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