A Word from the Chairman


A Word from The Chairman:

Ballots have been mailed out for the 2020 Primary Election.  Although there isn’t a contested race on the ballot, we encourage you to exercise your right to vote and send a signal to the ruling class in Denver who seem to be working overtime to strip us of our rights and privileges as American citizens.  As Republicans, we need to build back the momentum that has been lost due to Covid-19 and a strong ballot return here in the primary can get us moving forward.  It is clear that Colorado will be a contested state for the Presidential election as the Colorado GOP and the RNC are investing resources and setting up an impressive field staff. 

Locally, we have the large 4’ x 8’ Trump 2020 highway signs available and would love to have them set up all around the county.  You can go to our website at www.elbertcountyrepublicans.com to donate and receive a sign. We can arrange to get one to you or you can donate it back to us and we will get it up on a major route in the county. 

Elbert County did its part to get the required number of signatures for the Due Date Too Late petition and now we look forward to voting to end late term abortion in Colorado!

Thanks for your support and let me know if we can count on you as a Republican volunteer for the 2020 general election.

Tom Peterson


Elbert County Republicans

[email protected]; (303) 229-6710

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